Discover the best start-up support and idea testing platform to collaborate and develop your business idea.

Founderpad is a collaborative platform designed to help start-ups and entrepreneurs develop and test their business ideas before running with them.

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Receive feedback from others
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Discover new, exciting business ideas
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Discover those with the skills you need
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Collaborate on ideas     Real-time feedback     Network with others    Form a team     Build your idea

Collaborate on ideas

Get real-time feedback

Network with others

Form your team

Discover the best incubator to collaborate and develop your business idea

Collaborate on ideas     Real-time feedback     Network with others    Form a team     Build your idea

Founderpad is the unified collaboration platform where the community can share and collaborate on their ideas to transform them into better businesses.

Receive honest and valuable feedback on your idea, target those with the skills you need, and transform your idea into a successful business.

Collaborate on ideas

Get real-time feedback

Network with others

Form your team

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Idea Sharing and Feedback

Users can post and share their business ideas and gather valuable feedback from the community.

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Team Building

Once users receive feedback on their idea, they can then search the platform, using build in features to search for others with necessary skills to build their team.

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Establishing Reputation

Become a trusted voice in the community by commenting on startup ideas, and being active within the community.

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Real-Time Feedback

This service facilitates real-time feedback on ideas, which enables users to take prompt action to improve their ideas.

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Audience Targeting

Users can showcase their ideas to a specific audience, ensuring they receive relevant and useful feedback.

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Building Rapport

Founderpad encourages one-on-one connections by allowing users to send direct messages to others.


Take your idea center stage and receive feedback from a global audience

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    Make your idea stand out with a catchy title and all the necessary details to attract more engagement
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    Upload supporting documents, such as a business plan or pitch deck, to show you mean business
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    Once ready, publish your idea with the founderpad community and receive helpful comments and feedback
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Collaborate on ideas and connect with others to build your team

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    Contribute to other ideas that you find interesting, follow them for updates, and build your voice with those all-important esteem points
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    Filter by preferences so you see the ideas most relevant to your interests
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    Connect with other users and share your skill set, availability, background, experience and any other additional information to see if you would make a good team
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Innovate. Build. Launch.

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    Innovate your idea based on feedback and keep others updated to show you're on track
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    Pitch your idea to others to attract more interest and find the right co-founders to join you
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    Build with confidence that the community has given you valuable feedback, and launch with your team
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Don't become a statistic


Fail within first year


Fail after 2 years


Fail after 5 years


Fail after 10 years
Source: fundera
By using Founderpad's state of the art tools, you can develop your business idea into the best possible chance of success and avoid the fate suffered by many.
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Giving you the confidence to go for it

With the Founderpad platform, you can receive honest and transparent feedback from a global audience and give you the tools for success. We all have ideas, but the question is what happens next?

Enter Founderpad.

Interactive Demo

Do you find it frustrating when you have to create an account just to get see how something work? We think so too!

That's why we've created an interactive demo for you to do exactly this before you decide to sign up.

Take a sneak preview at what we have in store for you. We hope you're just as excited as we are!

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