What is founderpad?

founderpad is a social media founder platform for early stage startups to get access to our community and get opinions on your ideas, network with others and launch their companies. Users can sign up, post business ideas, collaborate with others on ideas they are interested in, join startups, form teams, and go on to scale businesses. founderpad is completely free, and users can sign up, create profiles, and publish business ideas which will be accessible by our community. Depending on whether other users like the idea, they can choose to upvote the idea and comment. From this feedback, you can decide what to do next with your business idea. By posting your business idea, users interested in your industry can search and find that idea, and if you are looking for collaborators or co-founders, this is the perfect way to find them. You will be able to see their profile that displays their skills and experience, and find exactly who you are looking for.

The content on our site is provided for general information only (including such content uploaded by third parties). This includes any community assessment of business ideas on the sites. None of this content is intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist advice before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of any of the content on our site, including such content published by any third parties.

How does founderpad work?

founderpad is a free-to-use social media platform for anyone with an idea for a new business, involved in an early stage start-up or looking to add their skills or experience to others’ start-up businesses.If you have a business idea, you can register on the site, create a profile and publish a business idea listing that others will be able to search for and view. This will let you assess the viability of your idea by capturing feedback from the founderpad community, and advertise for co-founders to build your team.If you are looking to join someone else’s start-up, you can search for business listings in your specific area of interest.

How do I post a business idea?

Log in to founderpad and click on the 'Create Idea' button on the top menu bar. The platform will guide you through the simple process of capturing the key information about your idea. In order to achieve the best level of engagement from other users, it is good practice to complete the information fields as fully as possible.

My idea is not performing very well – why?

The first thing to check is how well you have populated the details of your idea. Ideas with minimal detail added or with poor quality content tend to get skipped over when people view them, even if they’re great ideas!The other possibility is that the idea might not be resonating with the community. This might not necessarily mean that the idea is destined to fail but if it’s not getting the same traction as other ideas, there could be something you need to look at. Don’t forget that the purpose of evaluating a business idea is to work out if it is viable so getting some kind of idea that the idea is not landing with people could give you a clue that there is more work to do.

How do I meet a co-founder?

founderpad is full of like-minded entrepreneurs, all looking to engage or network with others starting businesses. founderpad lets people with a business idea with people who want to partner with someone else’s idea find each other. Search and filter on what is of interest to you and get in touch with people whose idea or experience you like.

How do I get involved in a start-up?

If you're interested in joining a startup, simply filter by industry category or use our search tool, and you will find relevant ideas or start-ups that may interest you. If you find one you would like learn more about, connect with the user that shared the idea, expressing your interest and take it from there.

Commenting and messaging

You can comment and give feedback on ideas you find interesting. If you wish to talk to a particular user, you can click on their profile and select ‘message’ to send them a private message.